Bring Back Ted Kord - Blue Beetle

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Yes, I know that most people including myself are sick of heroes dieing and coming back.  Changing looks and personality and changing back. Passing down the mantle and then taking it back.  Yes, I'm very sick of it, but I love the Ted Kord Blue Beetle.  He is second only to Guy Gardner in my book.  He has so many stories and adventure that were never told because he is in the DC Universe and they are overstocked with cool characters who fall by the wayside.  Now I understand that Ted has suffered from his career as a hero.  He struggled with his weight, had heart problems and suffered from at least two comas.  In my opinion that makes him more of a hero.  In a lot of ways he is just like Batman.  He has no powers but he fights on the same level as Superman.  How many heroes with no powers even confronted Doomsday and lived?  Sure he got his but kicked but so did Superman.  Instead of a detective genius like Batman he is a scientific genius. He also doesn't carry the baggage like Batman does. Not that Batman's anguish doesn't make him cool but it nice to see a hero who can actually have a good time. The stories with him and Booster Gold are some of my favorites of all time. Now what about Jaime? This is my idea. Let's have our cake and eat it too. Ted has so many conditions that Jaime could stay on as the official Blue Beetle while Ted is behind the scenes. Look at it like the cartoon Batman Beyond. Bruce Wayne was the Batman behind the new Batman. This is a role that would work really well for Ted. Not only that he could come back at certain times when he was really needed as the Blue Beetle. When Ted was in the Justice League he was behind the scenes most of the time and it worked well. Beside Booster is never as good without Ted as he is when he is with Ted. My hope is that this will happen in the new series Justice League: generation Lost. By the way pick this up if you don't plan to already. I'm sure it will be great. Lastly, I just want to say if you agree or disagree with me about Ted being the greatest Blue Beetle than vote on my forum. So far Ted is at 100%.  
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We miss you Ted. 
I'd like to see DC give him a series again.  They dont have to bring him back from the dead.  The series can just take place before all that happened.

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I like both Ted & Manny 

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I would love to see Ted Kord come back!! :D  
come to think of it...there have been hints that he might come back in justice league :generation lost or at least in booster gold....

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Hey, Liberty, nice blog.  I like the idea, and considering all the health problems you mentioned, Ted being a behind-the-scenes mentor would actually be more believable than Bruce doing it.  Let's face it: Bruce is going to die out there one night - he's not going to retire.  Ted, on the other hand - yeah, I could see that working. Unfortunately, as much as I love the character, I don't think he's coming back.  If they start telling some retroactive tales of Ted Kord though, then we can keep our fingers crossed, because that's what they did before they brought Hal Jordan back.

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