Blue Beetle: Earth-One

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 Would Jaime Reyes been acceptable to more comic readers if he was an Earth-One concept to being with?

Let's say that the armored teenager Blue Beetle concept wouldn't have
seen the light of day until this year and the Infinite Crisis event
didn't have anything to do with the new B. Beetle's origin that'll
be presented in the Blue Beetle: Earth-One original graphic novel.

How would New Earth do without Jaime and his cast of characters?

How different would things be if The Reach existed in Earth-One?

How would anyone here react to this E-One OGN before (and after) it's released?

Would Jaime had a little more tolerance, respect and/or fondness from
more comic readers if this scenario happened or not? If yes or no, why?

Would the BB: E-One ONG find a wide(r) audience out of comicdom?

Would DC consider having another original graphic novel featuring Reyes?

What happens if Dan Garrett (Blue Beetle I) returned during Blackest Night
as a zombie and later as a living person again? What would
your reaction be if this Golden Age superhero came back?    

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