Any must read issues for Blue Beetle fans?

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I jumped into comics when the new-52 started and the Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes) became my favorite character. I want to read more about the character or even some Ted Kord. Are there any major story arcs I should totally read?

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I recommend: The OMAC Project, Infinite Crisis, Jaime's previous Blue Beetle series (Shellshocked, Road Trip, Reach for the Stars, End Game, Boundaries, Black and Blue), Booster Gold (52 Pick-Up, Blue and Gold, Day of Death, The Tomorrow Memory, Past Imperfect), Justice League: Generation Lost , Teen Titans (On the Clock, Changing of the Guard, Deathtrap, Child's Play, Hunt for Raven, and issues 98-100), The Brave and the Bold (The Lords of Luck, Milestone), Supergirl (Good-Looking Corpse), and if you're interested we see an alternate future version in DC Universe Online Legends in the first few issues. Also, he's my favorite too. >D

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