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BLUE BEETLE squares off against GREEN LANTERN KYLE RAYNER and THE NEW GUARDIANS! If Beetle and the Lanterns don't kill each other, the bounty hunter packing Oan technology will be happy to do it for them. Wait…OAN technology?!

Blue Beetle is confronted by the New Guardians (Kyle Rayner, Bleeze and Glomulus) In an epic battle of confusion and misunderstanding leading up to a bounty hunter who was targeting Kyle Rayner but killed/capture Glomulus instead. The battle does not end until the three join forces against the bounty hunter.

Meanwhile at home Jaime's family is desperately looking for him only to find out he is in New York City and the think he is being chased by the Blue Beetle. Also, Brenda Del Vecchio who is also worried about Jaime finds out she in inline to inherit her aunts vast fortune.

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Fun for new guardians fans 0

And so we come to Jamie's first encounter with another DC super-hero, and the meeting doesn't exactly go as planned. The issue opens with the scarab attacking Kyle, Bleez and Gloomy when a bounty hunter sent by the guardians shots Kyle depleting the power in his ring. Jamie thinks fast and manages to get Kyle's battery to him. They manage to take down the bounty hunter and give him over to the proper authorities. Kyle returns to tell Jamie a thing or to about being a hero before taking off to de...

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I am not aroused 0

The crossovers at DC which have been running on and off as free advertising hit another group of series here and draws me in as a reader of Green Lantern New Guardians to this particular issue.  It should be said that there is a reason why I have not been reading Blue Beetle, and that's that it is not catered to my particular demographic.  That having been said I come to this on the wrong side of having read the other part of the Green Lantern New Guardians story which this leads into, and this ...

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What It Means to Be a Hero 0

Blue Beetle's art has really been heading in a downhill direction. The past two covers have been so-so, or rather the one right before this one had Blue Beetle's head drawn HORRIBLY, and this cover doesn't really have a good balance. Or maybe it's that EVERYTHING seems dulled in a shade of samey blue. And then we've had the AMAZING Ig Guara replaced by the pale imitation Marcio Takara. Can we PLEASE have a decent cover artist on this series FOR ONCE? And can we PLEASE get Ig Guara back on art?Th...

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