liberty's Blue Beetle #8 - Henchman! review

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This book is my favorite in this whole series.  It is one of those unique stories that doesn't focus from the perspective of the main character.  It takes the perspective of a lowly henchman who wants to put his past behind him.  It goes through the day he decides to start his new life and get a real job to support his family.  Ted Kord id not in the book until page Seven and doesen't show up as the Blue Beetle until page twenty-three.  It is not the lack of Blue Beetle that makes this book great it is the uniqueness of this book done in a spectacular way that makes this book so great.  
This normally unknown nobody is given his own book.  At least for one issue.  I love how relateable the character is.  Most of us are not the famous hero we are just people trying to get by.  I love this book and the art is great.  It is a great book even if you don't like Blue Beetle.  I gave it five stars Check it out.

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