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Jaime Reyes's entire life changed the moment an alien weapon bonded with him. He's had to hide his secret from his friends and family, run from insane and powerful villains, and be careful to watch his anger…but how can he cope when the armor acts on its own and mortally wounds someone close to him?

Paco is dying in Blue Beetle's hands. He is just barley able to get Khaji Da to admit a transrobotic antitrauma unit to save him. Just in time for the ambulance to arrive.

Beetle then takes Silverback to a condemned building to interrogate him and find out why he has been chasing Paco. Silverback pleads with beetle to help him get back into his body but Beetle leaves him as a punishment for his crimes and goes to the hospital to find out about Paco.

In the hospital Beetle dressed as Jaime, sees that Brenda Del Vecchio and her aunt (La Dama) are also there to see Paco. Despite Khaji Da's warning, La Dama tricks Jaime into visiting her at her home.

Meanwhile 120 miles above the earth, the reach are tracking Khaji Da. They are however sidetracked by the Blue Lantern's planet Odym. Believing they can feed for decade on this power source they leave Khaji Da for the time being.

Back at La Dama's house Jaime is quickly ambushed. He fights her and a body guard and escapes. He is outside just long enough to see the whole house vanish.

Back at the hospital things don't look good for Paco. That is until transrobotic antitrauma unit does it's work. This little being turn Paco into some kind of Red Beetle, and he is programed to hind and destroy Khaji Da.

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Ok, so, you know last issue I said the cover looked surprisingly better than in the solicit? This cover is the exact opposite and more. The original solicit had an entire background with Brenda, a gazebo, and rain. This has..... a solid block of red... Not only is it lazy and kind of ruins the powerful emotional effect tying it into a more real situation, the red clashes so horrendously with the blue in a bad way. What was going to be the hands down best cover is now the hands down worst. Guh.Wh...

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