liberty's Blue Beetle #3 - If This Be Madness review

Mad World

Sure this is an early Blue Beetle comic and he hasn't quite come into his own but there is a lot going for this book.  Farley Fleeter and his Madmen attack K.O.R.D. industries.  The Madmen were some of the villains from the Charlton days and it is nice to see how well they can be utilized.  
This book also really starts defining the Blue Beetle universe.  A lot of time went into developing these characters that are friends coworkers and antagonists to the Blue Beetle.  He has a large universe like Batman or Superman  and it is great to see his world.  You would really have to read a lot of these books to get  how great the development is and that is it's beauty. There are small segments in each book that eventually lead to a new storyline.  Nothing is taken for granted.  Each character has their own goals, dreams, and wishes.  I think there is less and less of this in comics today and it is a shame.  Now all that said there is also plenty of action.  As stated Beetle fights a whole gang and then fights the Madmen and ends the book confronting Dr. Alchemy.  
The art in this book is really great as well.  I especially love how Melody has been drawn so far.  She is a really fun girl with huge eyes and seem to be a perfect match for Beetle.  Unfortunatlely I've read these books before and know the Melody will change in later books.  I gave this five stars.  Maybe I should have given it four but it bothered me that the previous average was so unjustly low.  So maybe I unconsciously overcompensated.  Enjoy the book!


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