matkrenz's Blue Beetle #2 - Metamorphosis: Part Two review

First person take over.

Review for Blue Beetle #2.

The Story: Since he has just bonded with the Scarab and he's taking control of his actions and runs away with Paco.

The Good: Bedard does a very smart job of not retreading the previous series and does his own version of things. Here he does something I always wondered why it didn't happen in the previous series, that is while the scarab was asleep for a couple of centuries he isn't damaged by magic, so when it woke up and bonded it wants to do it's mission and will force the host to do so. I have sorely missed the harsh commands from the scarab wanting Jaime to be the killing machine for the Reach and it implementing many rules for the rules, like you cannot reveal your identity to anybody and he will make you puke to make you stop. We also get some more set-up witht the Reach and Bedard shows us that after a couple of millenia of taking over planets you will get bored with it and they did, and seeing as they want some action in this mundane life of theirs, so Kajih-Kai decides to investigate. Wich bringging in another Kajih will be really interesting. Also it was nice to see La Dama in here and I believe I spotted a Mother Box in her office wich gave me a smile on my face. Ig's art has this very vibrant feel to them that helps in a teenagers series.

The Bad: Nothing all that much happens in the issue, just him being very panicked about everything. Also at the end of the first issue we have one of the assassins throwing one of his knives at Jaime, hits the backpack with the scarab in it and it bonds to Jaime RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM and then they ask where the kid went. Really ? Are they that dumb and there didn't really seem like there was a flash of flight so they would be confused in the previous issue. That's a major problem.

The Verdict: Bedard does his own take on Jaime and it works. He has his version of the Reach that seem much more effective and bored than the previous Reach and how effective they can be, but the way La Dama's henchmen act felt very dumb. This is a buy.

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Posted by shawn87

Seems like you're enjoying this series. I decided to pass since it seemed like it was getting more negative reviews than postive

Posted by Rixec

I don't think they saw him transform. We didn't see them in the last page of issue one so I think Jaime might have fallen into a different part of the area (like around a corner or something) and he morphed before they could catch up to him.

Posted by Rixec

@shawn87: Personally I think it's best to decide for yourself if something is good rather than rely on reviews solely. You can get a general idea but they shouldn't be your only source. And it differs from person to person so you might like it if you read it or maybe not. But you won't know until you read it.

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