liberty's Blue Beetle #10 - Time on His Hands! review

Time for a different Villain

Chronos is not the best villain.  His bizarre costume and gimmicks only worked when the character appeared in the Justice League Unlimited cartoon from the DC Animated Universe.  I know he becomes a villain that Blue Beetle will face again but he is just had to take realistically.  i guess I would say I can not suspend my believe in a character like him, or at least the way he appeared at this time.  That said Blue Beetle is great as unseal but most of the secondary characters are not. Jeremiah Duncan and Melody Case are always on Ted's case.  I know this is happening during the Legends Crisis but this was happening for a while and being an old book I know it continues after the crisis.  I liked this book but was not in love with it.  With the exception of Blue Beetle and Angela Revere there are not any likable characters of substance.  
On another note I loved the art.  I also loved the Legends mini series.  I gave this book three and a half stars or a 7 out of 10 for 70%.  I would recommend reading both this and the legends series.  You can probably find them for a cheap price if you know a store with a good back issue stock or buy them online.


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