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Bludgeon is skilled in the ancient Cybertronian martial art of Metallikato prefering to use his sword and shield in battle rather than a gun. He follows a strong code of honour during battle, never backing down and prefering to die fighting rather than being captured. His Pretender shell resembles a skeletal samurai and his robot form transforms into a tank.

Major Story Arcs

Marvel Comics Continuity

Catilla's Death

Bludgeon was a member of the reformed Mayhem Attack Squad whose main purpose was to hunt down and kill the Decepticon traitors, Carnivac and Catilla. It was Bludgeon's own sword that scewered Catillas chest, killing him.

After the death of Scorponok during the battle with Unicron, Bludgeon became leader of the Decepticons. With Cybertron tearing itself apart the Autobots and Decepticons made an uneasy pact to work together but Bludgeon and his followers deceived the Autobots and stole the last three known working space craft. Onboard the escaping space craft, eager for conquest, Bludgeon randomly chose the peaceful planet of Klo as the first planet to be conquered.

IDW Publishing Continuity

Bludgeon in Shockwave's lab

After Shockwave went missing, Bludgeon was ordered by Megatron to investigate his research facility and inform him of what he had been working on. While doing this, he came across Shockwave’s regenesis project and would keep it a secret from Megatron while feeding him random scraps of other information. As time passed, he and his men would recover the remains of Thunderwing and would then travel to Earth. Here, he would employ two facsimiles who would discover an area with ultra-energon in it. He then has them detonate plasma-density charges near a pocket of natural gas so that the area would be evacuated so that he, Iguanus, and Bomb-Burst can then move in and secure the regenesis ore in the area. After they retrieve the ore and return to their base in Mt. St. Helens, they find Soundwave there waiting for them saying he wants a cut of the ore they found. However, Bludgeon tells him that they are not motivated by greed and are really doing all this to revive Thunderwing. Soundwave then tries to stop them but he ultimately fails and then Bludgeon detonates a plasma-density charge, destroying the base and burying Soundwave, while he and his men teleport back to Cybertron.


Bludgeon after applying the grafting process to himself.

On Cybertron, Bludgeon and his men would travel to Thunderhead pass where they took down a group of Autobots who were investigating the area after finding an energy trace there. Jetfire tried to tell Bludgeon to stop what he was doing as he couldn’t control Thunderwing but he told Jetfire that he merely seeks to guide it. Bludgeon then tells Jetfire of his plan to use Thunderwing to burn other worlds as a massive sacrifice to appease the spirit of Cybertron so that it would return to its former glory. Jetfire told him he was crazy but he reminded Jetfire of how the Autobots saw the signs that Cybertron was dying and yet they did nothing. Bludgeon then revealed that he also planned on replicating the grafting process Thunderwing used on himself and Jetfire tried to tell him that he couldn’t handle it and begged him to stop. But Bludgeon ignored his warnings and then had Iguanus and Bomb-Burst begin powering up Thunderwing while he uses the remains of several Autobots to begin the grafting. He sends Thunderwing to Nebulos and talks about how Thunderwing’s bio-cybernetic grafting process was a brilliant innovation but it was untested and so it destroyed his mind and now they have had done more research so now they will have the power Thunderwing has while being able to control it. However, as Bludgeon and his men tried to don their exo-shells, they weren’t neuro-aligned and so it caused a backlash which broke down their minds and essentially left them trapped in a prison of their own making.

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