BLOODWYND....child of the 90's

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Ok who remembers this character?

At first he was kind of interesting

the whole "Mystery Charcter" angle

But once it was revealed who he was....

and once they revealed his orgin....

Holy Crap Cakes Batman!!

I liked the visual look to him

is he still alive?

The should have killed him off in STARMAN

instead of Amazing Man

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In JLA #27 (March 1999), Bloodwynd officially joins an emergency expansion of the Justice League in order to battle a rampaging Amazo. The battle, which takes place in the Florida Everglades, goes badly as most of the JLA are defeated and their powers copied. Amazo loses his powers when Superman officially disbands the league.

Day of Judgment

Main article: Day of Judgment (comics)

He was last seen during the Day of Judgement storyline and in JLA Black Baptism serving as a member of the Sentinels of Magic. In the latter storyline, he was badly injured by the Diablos, a group of Mafia-styled demons who wished to gain revenge for demons slain during the Day of Judgement.


Bloodwynd is an accomplished necromancer. He can also summon the spirits of the dead, which give him life energy and increased power. And he can sense where death has occurred, he can also force murderers to experience the pain of their victims similar to Ghost Rider's "Penance Stare" according to a story entitled Hero of Choice in Showcase '94 #5 by writer Ruben Diaz and artist Max Douglas.

The Blood Gem on his chest also grants him unspecified mystical powers, it is unknown whether the other gems on his costume confer any occult abilities. Also unknown is whether these magical gems have any connection to Doctor Mist one of whose origins stated that he created a series of magical gems

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yeah i remember him...

he was one of the ones that helped face down Doomsday before he killed Superman


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I remember Bloodwynd. I wish DC would bring him back without the

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Cezar_TheScribe said:
"I remember Bloodwynd. I wish DC would bring him back without the Martian Manhunter angle.


Yeah. He turned out to be the Martian right?
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StrongestOneThereIs said:
"Cezar_TheScribe said:
"I remember Bloodwynd. I wish DC would bring him back without the Martian Manhunter angle.


Yeah. He turned out to be the Martian right?"
Yes, he was Martian Manhunter.  I didn't care for that at all.   There's not enough black characters as it is, they finally have an interesting character and he is someone else.

Nice job DC. :/ 

I'd like to see Dwayne McDuffie's take on Bloodwynd.
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does anyone know in which issue his identity was told? or at least a panel where someone calls him "freddy" instead of bloodwynd? thatd be really cool because my real name is the exact same name as bloodwynds so if someone knew anything thatd be awesome!!! :) thanks

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Wasn't he just Martian Manhunter?

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@Emperor Gonzo Noir said:
" Wasn't he just Martian Manhunter? "
He got sucked into his gem which was used by a mind controlled MM who assumed Bloodwynd's form for a while, but he was freed later.
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@brc2000: i know all that but on his page it says his real name is freddy i was just wondering if anyone knew anything about that or had a scan or something haha
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@superduper13: I think the freddy widmer mess is made up. I haven't found anything even suggests that he has a real name.

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