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 Bloodtide with the Fathom Five.
Bloodtide was an Atlantean that was mutated by pollutants present in the water and it granted her the ability to control the flow of water and create hard-water blasts. Bloodtide would join the sea-dwelling terrorist group called the Fathom Five. Fathom Five is the superhuman strike force that serve a renegade faction of Atlantean extremists called At'la'tique. Fathom Five consist of their leader Llyron, Sea Leopard, Bloodtide, Manowar and Dragonrider. They have been conducting terrorist attacks on the surface world in the name of At'ta'lique and to honor the teachings of Nagala and Shakkoth. The first term of At'la'tique came into use four centuries ago from an Atlantean poet named Numara D'Athahr and described it as the "fury of the sea" but its derivation was synonymous with respect for the power and majesty of the ocean's might. D'Athahr was a religious outcast and opposed the Atlantean monarchy. The name would be adopted by a growing band of fringe radicals who have driven a wedge into Atlantean society. Mistress Nagala appears to be the new leader of At'la'tique and employs Fathom Five to attack the airlings and Namor's Atlantean troops.

Fathom Five would attack New York City on two occasions and come into conflict with members of the Thunderbolts and other heroes. Bloodtide hits the Thunderbolts' aircraft with a large water geyser, causing it to break up. Bloodtide is taken down from by an energy blast from Genis-Vell. Bloodtide was detained for a brief moment by Atlas and Genis-Vell but she managed to escape when the two men started to fight each other. Fathom Five would retreat and attack New York City a few days later. However, Bloodtide and the rest of Fathom Five would be defeated by the Thunderbolts. Bloodtide, Dragonrider and Manowar would be taken into custody by the authorities. The current whereabouts of Bloodtide are unknown.


Bloodtide was created by Kurt Busiek, Fabian Nicieza and Tom Grummett in 2004 and first appeared in New Thunderbolts # 1. 

Powers & Abilities

She can control the flow of water and propel forceful hard-water blasts of water at her opponents.

As a Homo mermanus, Bloodtide has the sub-mariner physiology common to the Atlanteans and Lemurians. This includes a stronger and more durable physiology than the Homo sapiens, able to withstand the vast pressures of the ocean depths. The average Homo mermanus individual is ten time stronger than their Homo sapiens counterpart and can swim at a maximum speed of 30 miles per hour. Their vision is superior to the Homo sapiens, allowing them to see in the dim light of the ocean depths. The Homo mermani tend to age slower than their surface counterparts, their average lifespan lasting 150 years.

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