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During the Vietnam war, Robert DuBois was drafted into the US armed forces. Upon receiving his induction notice, DuBois fled to Canada - not because he had a moral objection to war, but because he was afraid of dying.Dubois' younger brother Michael reported for induction in his place, passing himself off as Robert. Michael DuBois was sent into combat in Vietnam where he lost both his arms and legs.On learning of his brother's lost limbs, Robert DuBois went insane through guilt. He spent years in and out of psychiatric hospitals in Canada and became obsessed with the Vietnam war.

Finally, Robert was contacted by people on behalf of Lex Luthor who saw in him a pawn to be used in the assassination of Superman. The operatives of Luthor - under the direction of a man named Kimberley - played upon Dubois' fixations with Vietnam in order to condition him psychologically to want to kill Superman. They also equipped Dubois with an arsenal of advanced scientific weapons, which included a gun that fired needles of Kryptonite.Calling himself Bloodsport, Dubois went to Metropolis, claiming both he and his brother had seen action in Vietnam and that they had both been wounded out there. Professing anger at the citizens of Metropolis for the way they were "wasting" the freedom that he and his brother had fought to earn, Bloodsport began to indiscriminately shoot into the crowd, killing dozens of innocent people.

In his first clash with Superman, Bloodsport wounded the Man of Steel with his Kryptonite needle gun,however Jimmy Olsen managed to save Superman's life holding Bloodsport at gunpoint until he escaped.After receiving medical attention, Superman returned to the fray. Even Luthor was outraged at Bloodsport's murder of so many innocent people, and he too tried to stop the crazed killer. Superman managed to cause Bloodsport's teleportation device to malfunction, meaning the villain had no more access to his weapons. Bloodsport then threatened to detonate his power pack and potentially take out 10 square miles of the city.

However, Jimmy Olsen had managed to track down Michael Dubois and the paraplegic managed to convince his brother to lay down his weapons.

The second man to take the name Bloodsport was Alex Trent, who was a member of the Aryan Brotherhood and a racist. Ironically the name was used by an African-American originally.He has a teleporter similar to his predecessor's which can summon weapons.However Ron Troupe destroyed the warehouse which housed his weapons.

A boxing match is later set up between both Bloodsports. to ease tension at Strykers. Trent eventually managed to teleport in his weapons, resulting in Robert's death.Trent is later burned alive in his cell for showing weakness towards DuBois. The vigilante Demolitia now has the transporter technology.

The third Bloodsport has teamed with Hellgrammite and Riot. No other information has been revealed.

Other Media

Bloodsport appears in Justice League Unlimited as a minor villain.

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