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Valiant Universe (VH1) - Pre-Unity


A former mobster framed by a rival mob, he was sold to the Japanese as a test subject, injected him with the Rai "Blood of Heroes", nanites circulating in his blood, later becoming a fighting machine against evil.

Please note: The "Blood of Heroes" nanites would be infused into the hero known as Takao Konishi in the 43rd century.

Major Story Arcs

Mobster Angelo Mortalli was sold out by the Carboni crime family, and he was forced to become a test subject. His memories of his former life were erased when his bloodstream was infused with microscopic computers called nanites. The empirically-enhanced man, now code-named "Bloodshot" escapes from the secret labs of Project Rising Spirit, completely unaware of his former identity. Now a killing machine, a lethal engine of destruction, he struggles emotionally to accept what he has become.

A triumph of bio-engineering, his nanite blood gives him superhuman speed, agility, and healing powers. Bloodshot can also control electrical devices and access computers through physical contact. Unable to successfully recreate the "Blood of Heroes" (the nanite formula), founder of Rising Spirit, Hideyoshi Iwatsu, sends his "Speedshot" warriors to retrieve it by defeating Bloodshot and taking his blood.

Their inferior nanite-spawned abilities, however, are no match for Bloodshot's. Not even the bionically-armored Harbinger, Ax, can prevail against Bloodshot's ferocity. Even so, the Blood of Heroes is too attractive a prize for Ax to stay away for long. Bloodshot seeks out Mafia Don Benito Carboni to learn the truth about his own criminal past.

Later, with the help of the Eternal Warrior, Gilad Anni-Padda, Mortalli becomes involved with the British Secret Service and becomes one of its Secret Weapons, under the guidance of Neville Alcott. During that time Mortalli met Neville's daughter Jillian (who had formerly been enamoured of Gilad). Jillian transferred her desires to Bloodshot, and was able to win his affection. They had two children, but in the process Jillian herself became infected with the nanites.

According to Rai #0 (Bloodshot's first appearance), Bloodshot, along with many other of Earth's heroes, would mourn the loss of the hero Shadowman, who would die ridding the world of the Darque power in the year 1999.

According to Rai #0, Bloodshot would die on the moon in the year 2028 while saving an earth colony from renegade Harbinger Ax.

Valiant Entertainment 2012


In the new Valiant series Bloodshot, the title character is an operative of a group called Project Rising Spirit. This group has used him as an operative to eliminate a variety of terrorist threats around the world. Bloodshot has recently discovered that his mind has been implanted with hundreds of fake memories. These memory implants include many different versions of family, loved ones and comrades that he believes he's been sent to rescue.


For the 2012 Valiant relaunch, Bloodshot was re-introduced by writer Duane Swierczynski and artists Arturo Lozzi and Manuel Garcia. He first appeared in the story "Bloodshot Part 1: Dunk Tank" in Bloodshot #1 (Jul. 2012).

Major Story Arcs

Setting the World on Fire


Ray's former military commander Hutch tells him that Apanewicz, an old war buddy of Ray's - has gone missing in action Afghanistan. Although Ray is now retired, he's the only one qualified enough to infiltrate the enemy camp and find out if Apanewicz is still alive. Ray reluctantly accepts the job and promises his tearful wife it's only a recon mission and he won't be in danger. In a military chopper over Afghan territory, ray parachutes out to begin his mission but his struck in mid-air by a missile.

Ray's body is burnt to a crisp and his corpse recovered by Afghan guerrilla's. While lying in a cell, the nanites in Bloodshot's body to heal "Ray" and he completes his mission by killing all the guerrilla's in the base before infiltrating a safe room. Immediately he is shot in the head and captured by Dr. Kureitich who downloads all the info Bloodshot contained in his mind and shows him that PRS had implanted fake memories in his brain to motivate him to their bidding.

Bloodshot escapes the base but is eventually captured by PRS and taken back to America. He escapes his captors again and now finds himself on the run from his former masters. Determined to discover the truth behind his real identity, Bloodshot enlists the help of paramedic and former army medic Kara Murphy, another former PRS captive Pulse and Dr. Kuretitch to take down Project Rising Spirit.

The Rise and Fall

Bloodshot, Kara Murphy and Pulse infiltrate a P.R.S. base with the help of Dr. Keuretich so Bloodshot can finally find out who he really is. However Kara and Pulse are soon captured and it's up to Bloodshot to rescue them. Within the base Bloodshot faces numerous armed guards as well as P.R.S.'S superhuman strike team Chainsaw. After taking a vicious beating, Bloodshot eventually defeats Chainsaw only to discover The Nursery - a secret underground prison for young super powered children.

The children recognise Bloodshot as "The Boogeyman" and are terrified of him but when he ends up freeing them from P.R.S., many of them decide to follow him. During the rescue Bloodshot also came across the caretaker of The Nursery, Gamma. During a fight with Gamma Pulse lost her life but Bloodshot managed to again defeat his foe. Realising Dr. K had misled him about the mission, Bloodshot and Kara leave with the children under their care.

Powers & Abilities

Bloodshot is a highly trained soldier gifted in hand to hand combat and the usage of military ordinance weapons. His primary weapons are the nanites that inhabit his bloodstream. They give him the ability to regenerate from all injuries from gunshot wounds, set on fire, missiles, surviving with a lack of air, and sub zero temperatures.

He has also demonstrated a sonic screech that is painful to the human ear, causing massive head aches and disorientation.

BloodShot also has the ability to change is skin pigmentation to his surroundings, rendering him invisible to the human eye. He has also displayed that he can also disguise himself to look like other people.

General Information

Once Bloodshot becomes aware of himself in Bloodshot #2, the nanites start talking to Bloodshot through the personalities of his memory implants. The personalities refer to the nanite machines as 'Goldies'. The nanites take on these personalities to give Bloodshot status updates of Bloodshot's health and surroundings. Nanites can become hungry and require protein to operate properly.

Basic Information

A nanite is a robot the size of a nanometer or smaller. Bloodshot has billions of these microscopic machines in his bloodstream. Biomolecular nanotech motors enhance strength, speed and reaction time beyond the limits of a normal human. Due to a nanites ability to create, manipulate and destroy matter on a subatomic level, the true limits of Nanites are unknown.

Medical Applications

Nanites possess the ability to reconnect torn skin, arteries, muscle tissue and nerve fibers; rebuild bone; and repair and reconstruct damaged organs to allow for rapid and complete recovery from extreme traumatic injury.

Military Applications

Nanite implants expand the range of sensory function, extending hearing into the ultrasonic and sight into the infrared and ultraviolet ranges.

Possible Dangers

Although it is highly unlikely, hostile forces with their own nanotechnology could theoretically hack and reprogram the nanites. Or use a high level EMP to shut down the nanites making him vulnerable to anything.

Memory Implants

Project Rising Spirit (PRS) has implanted several fictional wives, children, and friends to create every possible scenario. They basically create a 'false' life for Bloodshot that will motivate him to the fullest to complete the mission. He will kill anyone they if it means protecting his love ones. Many of these memories were created by ex-PRS scientist, Dr. Kuretich. After Dr. Kuretich released Bloodshot's mind from PRS control, Bloodshot now has all of these personalities floating around in his head. Here are the known memory implants that are in Bloodshot's head:

  • Ray - Bloodshot's alternate reality


  • Ashley and John - Wife and Son
  • Lisa and the twins - Wife and Kids
  • Rose and the toddler
  • Jennifer - Wife

Friends and colleagues

  • Apanewicz - old war buddy
  • Callins
  • Hutch - Ray's old military commanding officer

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