Bloodshot #7

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The Good

There's a caption in this issue that best describes how I feel about BLOODSHOT: it's a never-ending action movie. If you're looking to give this series a shot, I'm happy to report that this is an ideal jumping on point. This chapter dives into Bloodshot's earlier years with a shady government facility, exploring his motivation while showcasing why the nanites make him so special.

Writer Duane Swierczynski (one day I'll learn to spell that right without double checking) has managed to consistently make this book feel like the ultimate action thriller. There's so much mystery surrounding the character and watching him struggle to put together the pieces is legitimately interesting. Meanwhile, there's an absurd amount of action to top it off. It's essentially the Bourne movies meets Punisher with a healing factor and slew of awesome powers. Who honestly wouldn't want to give that a chance?

A shady past filled with mystery isn't the most unique thing around, so it has to be handled properly. Thankfully, Duane does a great job in this regard and this latest issue helps establish a much deeper connection with Bloodshot and, come the next issue, will likely make us root for him even more. As the cover gives away, this story also puts a key focus on the Harbingers and how Bloodshot connects to them. This is a concept that continues to grow more and more interesting and it's a great build up for the upcoming 'Harbinger Wars.'

Matthew Clark provides the art and he's definitely a good fit for the title. He brings a rougher and gritter style than what we've seen before and it fits the character and his violent universe perfectly. The panel building up to the incident with his eye is solid and really helps bring the harsh moment to life.

The Bad

Maybe I'm just in a good mood, but I have no serious critiques about this one.

The Verdict

Like I said, this is a great jumping on point if you've ever been curious about BLOODSHOT. It's essentially a 101 for who he is, what his nanites can do for him and why Project Rising Spirit is clearly a conspiracy filled and twisted organization. Month after month I look forward to this book because I know it delivers the goods when it comes to insane popcorn entertainment and a well-executed plot. I'm anxious for next month's issue so we can jump back to the present and see how the modern day Harbingers react to "the Boogeyman."

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