Bloodshot #6

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The Good

"Holy fudge muffins" is the first thing I exclaimed after I finished reading this issue. Lame choice of words, I know, but it's true and was the somehow the best way to express the overdose of epicness that just hit my brain.

The fight with Chainsaw does not disappoint one bit and that takes up the vast majority of issue 6. There's usually some dynamic that comes into play when one character is outnumbered (for example, Spider-Man using the Sinister Six against one another) and it's handled very well here. You see, Bloodshot's nanites can essentially control the environment around him and that makes the Project Rising Spirit facility his bloody playground. His fight with Recon needs to be seen to be believed. No words can do that justice but fans of The Walking Dead TV show will definitely get a dose of gruesome deja vu. It's a transparently obvious choice for this week's Best Battles on Friday, so be sure to check back then for pictures of the carnage.

Since this issue is widely about bullets soaring through the air and sharp objects piercing squishy flesh, the story really doesn't go anywhere until the final pages. Thankfully, those last few panels are a lot to get excited about, especially if you're keeping current with Valiant's latest bit of news. And speaking of shooting and stabbing, artist Manuel Garcia does a superb job putting Bloodshot and his enemies through the meat grinder. From fire meeting flesh to an excellent splash page of our hero being pelted with bullets, writer Duane Swierczynski's violent script is complimented perfectly by Garcia's detailed art.

The Bad

The "pop a cold one" line was bit too cheesy for my taste. Aside from that, this was a solid issue.

The Verdict

If you like action heavy thrillers or things that are generally overflowing with awesome, then BLOODSHOT is the title for you. This issue has an insane amount of gory battles and it's topped off with a great conclusion. There's a lot to look forward to here, especially if you're reading HARBINGER as well. In my opinion, BLOODSHOT has consistently proven to be one of the most entertaining books on the shelves right now.

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