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Bloodshot is back

Bloodshot is back and just as awesome as it was in the 90's. Duane Swierczynski takes Bloodshot into a new and exciting direction. Manuel Garcia, Arturo Lozzi and Stefano Gaudiano create art work that is absolutely stunning. The start of the new Bloodshot series is truly a great one. The story really moves well and you never find yourself bored.

The Good

The story and the artwork go hand in hand and you get to experience an awesome change in style when the story switches to Bloodshot's memories. Issue #1 gives us a taste of almost everything Bloodshot is known for. We learn about the nanites in his blood that give him the ability regenerate his body tissue from basically nothing which makes him unstoppable. We see that they give him the ability to change his appearance and he is capable of communicating to command through them. We are introduced to some key players and in this issue we get to see some of the inter-workings of Project Rising Spirit, the organization that links many of the other Valiant books.

The Bad

My only complaint is that it read a bit quick. Maybe because it is an easy read and though the information given in the story was worthy, the artwork really carried it.

Final Notes

This is an excellent addition to the Valiant line and a must read if you are reading any of the other Valiant books. Bloodshot is a great 'Lone wolf' style character that has a lot of mystery and intrigue. If you are on the edge, just go out and grab a copy of this one.

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