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The BloodRayne comic is published by Echo 3 Worldwide under Digital Webbing imprint line.


Rayne is a Dhampir with many powers...

  • A main power of Rayne's is that she drinks blood.
  • She can run faster than a normal human and leap over 2 stories high.
  • Rayne is stronger than a normal human.
  • She can easily pick up a human and can easily dual wield assault rifles.
  • Rayne has very good vision and other senses.
  • She can see an object in clear detail quite farther than any human could see.


Rayne's Weapons
  • Water burns Rayne but doesn't kill her immediately like it does true vampires.
  • Sunlight hurts Rayne considerably but she can survive a little bit of sunlight, unlike a true vampire.


Rayne uses her signature dual blades to cut up enemies. Rayne has a wrist mounted harpoon which she shoots at enemies and pulls them in to feed on them. She also uses various types of handguns, rifles, shotguns, etc.

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