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The Femme Fatales
Beatta Dubiel is a mutant who was born in Wroclaw, Poland. She is a mutant with a bestial appearance having animal features such as claws, fangs, fur and talons. She was first seen joining the Critical Mass' Bad of Baddies together with Whiplash. They have failed in abducting a girl who was unknowingly a mutant. She was assigned to fight Spider-Man and Wolverine until they were unconscious. Though, the two of them have recovered from ther attack. The girl have then defeated all the Baddies after her powers have manifested and blew up the warehouse where they are located with a telekinetic explosion.

Following some events after her survival from the explosion, she teamed up with Mindblast and Knock-out to form the Femme Fatales wherein she was ordered by Chameleon to threaten an ambassador. However, Spider-Man have successfully rescued the ambassador making him an enemy for the group. The Femme Fatales then joined forces with two villains, namely, Tarantula and Scorpion. But during their attempt to defeat Peter Parker, they lost as they were defeated by the aforementioned hero who have joined force together with Black Cat.

After some events, the Femme fatales have been persuaded by Superia to join the Femizons. The team was a group of female criminals. They had an encounter with Captain America and Paladin while operating their activities.

Her status in the team have been unrevealed after her appearances with the Femizons, though, she was seen in an auction for the Venom Symbiote.

During Decimation when Scarlet Witch have depowered the majority of the total mutant population, Bloodlust have lost her powers and was brought back to normal.

Slash and out now!!

Bloodlust has razor sharp claws, talons and teeth like an animal. Bloodlust is as strong as Wolverine and kills with ferocious speed and quickness. Other abilities that she possesses have not been revealed. Though, all of her powers were taken away after being depowered during Decimation.

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