eganthevile1's Blood: The Last Vampire review

The best movie of 2009

Blood The Last Vampire is a non stop thrill ride that puts every other blockbuster this year to shame with heart pounding action, intense special effects, an outstanding plot, great acting, oh and lots of blood & gore too! The story centers around Saya, a 400 year old vampire with a human soul (who is far more bad ass then Angel BTW) she has been sent to a military school where she is enrolled as a student  to investigate a string of unsolved murders that the council believe are linked to vampires (which of course they are) Saya's low profile is quickly shattered when two of her classmates who are demons, attack the General's daughter, and Saya in turn kills the two demon girls. From here on out be prepared for an almost non-stop thrill ride, from start to finish this movie was a cut above all others released this year and is an ABSOLUTE must see. 
If you buy one DVD for your collection that was released this year, make it Blood The Last Vampire

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    Blood The Last Vampire 0

    My daughters are really into Anime so I was amost required to pick this one up. It had some okay effects for a basement level budget, and a very exciting story. For about a half hour. After that, it began repeating itself, and by the ending, I was really just ready for it to be over. Not very good for a movie that only lasts an hour and a half. I have seen the Anime, and i is more dynamic. Maybe a second try would allow them to fix the problems, but I would ot hold my breath.  ...

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