Does anyone love Blood Syndicate?

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I'ts hard for me to believe in a univerese of comic fans that I am the sole lover of the Blood Syndicate. The superpowered gang that changed my adolescent life.....(a lil dramatic) but still, one of my favorite teams to date. A gem in the Milestone lineup.

IS there any other Viner thats feeling my pain??

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Tech-9 is one cool motherlover

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Tech-9 is one cool motherlover

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Tech-9 is one cool motherlover

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Tech-9 is one cool motherlover

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Loved this comic

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@Sling Shot:
You're not alone. This comic ranks pretty highly in my view as you can tell by my avatar. Each character was crafted with a good amount of detail and the plot worked were good. Tech-9 and Wise Son were my favorites. A dude with the ability to manifest guns and ammo at will and fire with perfect accuracy. Then you have a pissed off invulnerable black Muslim. Good stuff. To put it bluntly and for the sake of time I love this comic. 
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@WIse Son 
Dope avatar!! And I am very glad to know there are fans that LOVED this comic LIKE ME! 
Tech and Wise are two of my favorites and Holocaust is my favorite villain. Period.
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They need a come back!
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@Sling Shot: Heellllll Yeahhhh!! I'm a big big fan of the BLOOD SYNDICATE. I think they're the most underrated super hero team (gang) and the story content/plot lines in the comic book series was awesome. Ivan Velez jr. really thought out the box with the direction he took this series. Hopefully we will see their return in a new series, as guest stars, or in an original graphic novel. But as doubtful as that seems...only time will tell. BLOOD SYNDICATE....i luv u !!

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im so glad im not can be cold out here for people like me..real cold. Blood Syndicate till the casket drop!!!

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Dc should try Blood Syndicate again aside from Wildcats and Gen 13 so dc can have more teams.

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@colonyofcells I think its a nice sentiment, but it would be a terrible reality. Like asking someone tone def to sing at your wedding.

I would never trust DC (or Marvel for that matter) to handle such a culturally specific property.

Some eras are over, unfortunately for me

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Before Flashpoint, dc did try to promote Shadow Cabinet in JLA but dc never got to do Blood Syndicate yet. Maybe they will do it right this time with Blood Syndicate or Hardware after that Static fiasco where the creators fighting each other was a lot more interesting than the comic book stories.

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Yeah. If they hired me to be editor I would be okay with it.But there is a short list of creators i would trust, most of em are from Milestone tho.

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I'm not even a big fan of 'teams' but I love Blood Syndicate! I missed out on them when they first debuted and didn't really get hardcore back into comics till maybe a year or two before McDuffie's death, since then I've been on the hunt for anything from Milestone. I lucked out when I found a Syndicate bundled pack at my comic shop and loved every single comic I've read so far.

I agree that judging by the current landscape, DC (nor Marvel) couldn't handle this title. The fate of New52 Static is all the proof you need of that

I think a cable network (Showtime, HBO, maybe even FX) Blood Syndicate show with the right production/directing would be pretty cool.

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