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An android who wields pistols and is romantically connected to Midas, she carries some sort of grudge against Oliver Queen. It is unclear who built her as Midas denied having constructed her though he seems to possess the skill to as he tends to her repairs. She had Midas imbed circuitry in unfortunate individuals so that she could track the Green Arrow who she thinks might be in her way to strike at Oliver, who she has been amassing data on for years. Breaking into Q-Core, she came into encountered Oliver and attacked though she wanted him to suffer before she finally killed him. She escaped by throwing a loading dock at him. She returned to the waterfront where she and Midas were holed up and he tended to her. As he went to confront Green Arrow for hurting her, she came in at the end to protect her beloved.

She shot Green Arrow non-fatally, wishing to avoid the wrath of his superhero peers, and they retreated to the waterfront to regroup and plan anew. Green Arrow managed to track them down using Blood Rose's energy signature and they renewed their battle. She covered an arrow filled with chemicals that could harm Midas but Green Arrow blew her up, reducing her to components. She activated her self-detonation and used it to cover Midas's escape, who managed to retrieve her head. He retreated to another base where he began to rebuild her while planning a move to Metropolis.

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