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Gotham City, Present-Dectective Kincaid is trying to investagate what Jason Blood and the demon Etrigan have to do with each other. Her investagation has lead her to Jason's apartment where she finds Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman waiting for Jason. The three heroes try to explain the conection between Jason and Etrigan but are intrupted by a distress call.

Morgaine Le Fey has taking control of Etrigan, once again, and is using him to cause chaos and destruction in down town Gotham. The heroes arrive just in time to save some of Gotham City Policemen. And a battle insues. Wonder Woman goes after Morgaine, Superman and Etrigan match strength, and Batman goes for help.

Batman finds Randu and the blindman gives Batman a necklace that will stop Etrigan long enough to break Morgaine's spell. It is a necklace that must be put around the demon's neck. Once Batman does this Randu casts the spell and changes Etrigan back to Jason.

While trying to figure out what to do with the now captured Morgaine, Jason put a magic mask on her and she seems to explode, although Jason says it's not the frist time she has been destroyed.

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