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London,Sept 1 1666- London is burning and it seems to have to do with one of Morgaine Le Fey. Etrigan trys to stop her but she entagles him with a spell and reveals that she needs his life force to stay young. Etrigan escapes by crashing through the floor boards and landing in the river below. He gets away and able to change back into Jason Blood. While still escaping he sees some of Morgaine's demon army and one looks like the demon who recently kidnapped Jason and torqured him into revealing Etrigan.

Gotham City, Present Day- Jason has lost his ablity to control Etrigan when he changes and he had deduced it was because of Morgaine Le Fey and her demon lackey he saw back in 1666. He goes back to the hotel room that the demons torqued him in and is attacked by a mystery figure. The two fight and Jason is forced to change to his half demon form and fight back. Just when it looks like he has the upper hand Morgaine steps in and uses a mask to put Jason under her spell once again.

Antartica,Meanwhile- A man finds a wierd unexplained tunnel that leads to an old man and the remains of Merlin

Elsewhere in Gotham,Meanwhile-Sandra useing a tip tracks down Jason blood apartment but when she gets there Superman tells her Jason isn't home but she can wait with him and the JLA for him to come home.

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