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Camelot, The End- Morgaine Le Fey's army was destroying Camelot and Merlin knew the end was near so he used his magick to bond one of Morgaine's demons, Etrigan. Merlin forced him to fight for Camelot, but it was too late and Morgaine's forces were going to win so Merlin sent Etrigan away and used his reamining magicks to cause a great explosion that destroyed the rest of Morgaine's army. Later the spell that Merlin cast to bond Etrigan took its full effect and changed the demon into an human, Jason Blood.

Gotham City, Now- Batman uses Zatanna's help to track down Etrigan and confront him. Batman catches up to Etrigan just after the demon cult leader, that tried to kill Jason and some how released Etrigan on Gatham, escaped. Batman and Etrigan fight and just as it looks like Batman is winning, Etrigan breathes Hellfire on the hero. Instead of killing Batman it makes him feel better and stronger. Batman uses this new found strengh to fight back.

Meanwhile, the demon leader that torqured Jason to find Etrigan watches the two fight and upon seeing the effects of the hellfire is more confused then before. Just then he is transported to Morgaine Le Fey's secert pocket dimension where he begs for his life but Morgaine kills him anyway.

Back at the fight, Zatanna get the feeling that Batman is in great danger and tries to call upon the JLA, but they are all busy. Batman is able to use some split second thinking and a last minute deversion to finally beat Etrigan who turns back into Jason. The two heros are met by Randu and his wife, and Batman gives Jason 12 hours to clean up his mess.

Gotham Hospital, Later that night-One of the thugs that Etrigan attacked earlier that night is still in the hospital. He is appoarched by Morgaine with a offer of revenge.

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