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Things get worse

A pair of Wishmongers are sitting in a Gotham City diner, discussing the events that lead them there and why their memories are fading. They coach each other into remembering what happened to them and how a wish from the Demon Entrigan is involved.

Flashback to Castle Branek, there three different Entrigan's battle. One the original created to serve Merlin himself. Another an Entrigan plucked from time controlled by the life force of the Lord of the Damned. The third one is the body of the Lord being controlled by the Entrigan from the past's life force.

The three Entrigan's fight but when the original kills the body of Entrigan from the past, the Lord of the Damned's burns to ash, because Entrigan states once you kill one the other can not survive. This sets Castle Branek into flames and Entrigan barely escapes with pal Harry Matthews and Kurtzberg in tow. Once outside the three think the danger has past but then Entrigan fades away.

Meanwhile in Gotham, former detective Kincaid is dropped off by one of the Wishmonger, who just sprung her from jail. Confused Kincaid excepts the gift but soon learns that the payment is she gets shoot by a rookie cop trying to make a name for himself.

Then back at the Singh residence the Wishmonger join up to try to convince Anjeli to make a wish but when she does the Wishmonger are surprised to find it's to bring Entrigan to help. the demon attacks the Wishmongers and forces them to except his wish. They are forced to obey even though it depletes their power.

Back in the present it is revealed that Entrigan's wish was for things to go back the way they were before Jason became Entrigan. Jason Blood, never became the Demon Entrigan. Harry is a successful advertiser. The Singhs becomes ambassadors to the UN, and Kincaid is still a cop. The only drawback is Pruitt, the one who wished Kincaid freed is now in a comma, as payment for his wish.

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