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The Demon Entrigan, is being tortured by The Lord of the Damned, his beloved and a group of their minions. They have already ripped off his legs and an arm and seem to have broken his spirit.

Meanwhile in Castle Branek, Harry Matthews and Kurtzberg, try to escape the battle between the ghost of Merlin and the Entrigan copy that Randu has made. Matthews comes up with a way to change the copy Etrigan into the copy Jason Blood. But when Merlin sees that nether are his creation he splits the two and destroys copy Entrigan.

Merlin then sends Matthews, Kurtzberg and copy Jason, to where the real Entrigan is being held. Matthews and copy Jason are split from Kurtzberg but find Entrigan. He rips copy Blood to pieces and uses the pieces to repair himself. He is going to kill Matthews, not recognizing him, but The Lord of the Damned arrives.

He forces Entrigan to fight Matthews in the arena. There Matthews says the words to change Entrigan to Jason but instead The Lord of the Damned turns into a confused Jason Blood.

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