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All the rules have changed in this new series from writers John Bryne and Will Pfeifer with art by Bryne and Nekros! Expect pandemonium and mayhem as the Demon Etrigan takes on otherwordly foes in the first battle of an all out war.

Camelot: Near the End- Merlin summons Etrigan to Camelot and bonds him with a spell to do his bidding. Merlin puts the words "Yarva Etrigan Daemonicus" on Etrigan's head and makes him attack Morgaine Le Fey's army outside of Camelot. But it is too late and Camelot is still destroyed, but instead of just letting Etrigan go free he transforms the demon in a man.

Gotham City: Now- Jason Blood is being torqured by a group of demons. They are looking for Etrigan, and their search lead to Jason. They know that Jason has some sort of connection to Etrigan but they have no clue that the two are one, until it's too late. The demonsare tricked into taking down the containment spell that is keeping Etrigan away and when Jason starts to speak the words that will summon Etrigan one of the lackey demons stabs him with a spear, killing him instancely. The head demon disposses of Jason's lifeless body by throwing it from a high rise into a dumpster below.

G.C. Morgue: Later Sandra and another police officer are with the mortician examining Jason's lifeless body. It does seem to have a mark on it and it was ruled a sucide. As the mortician is about to cut into the body it springs to life and attacks the police officer. Sandra puts several rounds into him but he shrugs them off and runs out ot the hospital and escapes across the roof tops. Not knowing where else to go and feeling strange Jason goes to see his old friend, Randu and his wife Anjeli. There it is revealed that Jason's face has changed, it is now much more demonic. They concude that it is because Jason was killed changing into Etrigan but it does not explain why Jason came back from the dead. Suddenly for no apparent reson his face changes back to human and the three head to Jason's old apartment for a book and weopons.

Later Jason now armed tracks down the demons that torqured him. He stops them from preforming a scarfice but in the process his sword is broken and he becomes surrounded. As a last ditch effort he tries transfroms into Etrigan. But something goes worng and he only able to half change. It is still enough to beat the demon lackey but when he goes face to face with the head demon it is revealed that the head demon is really working for one of the Elder Gods of Evil. Randu tries to help but some thing else goes wrong and Etrigan takes Jason's body over completly and Merlins binding finally breaks for good.

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The Story of Etrigan 0

As of yet, I have not actually read the original Demon series' but I must say that I am enjoying John Byrne's take on Etrigan. I have always enjoyed the supernatural stories and though this one's art was a little disappointing to me, the story was perfect.I liked how throughout most of the comic, the reader and the characters all don't know what's going on with Jason and best of all, it never really is fully explained, leaving the answer to be thought out by the reader.Yet to me the greatest sce...

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