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The magical Blood Gem was created by a group of slaves and used to kill their plantation owner, Jacob Whitney.  Through the years, the Blood Gem was passed down among the slaves descendants.  It is currently wielded by Bloodwynd.  The Blood Gem acts as a gateway to another dimension where a demon known as Rott claims the souls of those who are killed by the Blood Gem.  The interior of the Blood Gem is actually larger than the gemstone itself, allowing those who access it to explore it's alien environment unencumbered.  The Blood Gem grants it's wielder with numerous mystical abilities which include necromancy, the ability to summon and speak with the spirits of the dead.  Among other powers, the Blood Gem also allows the wielder the ability to sense where death has occurred as well as an empathic ability known as the "Sentence Stare" which causes a target to experience the emotional pain they have inflicted on others.  

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