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Im no chilly willy

The young man born Bobby Ballard is a mutant whose paticular genetic powers developed in his teenage years during puberty. At age eleven Bobby realized that he was different than his neighbors and schoolmates, like his Z-Men comics characters Bobby understood that he was a mutant. However unlike the stories of his favorite comic idols had to endure due to their special gifts in a world of bigotry and isolation Bobby saw it differently. He thought it was awesome that he had these specila powers, practicing as much as he could with them until he would be old enough to become a superhero himself.

Once he had become an adult and deciding to emulate the comic heroes of his childhood, he adopted the blue and white furred outfit and donned the costumed identity of Blizzard, soon he joined the heroic Crusaders. Always upbeat and positive the young man takes his desision to join up with Man-Man's premiere superhero team in Indianapolis and quickly gained much respect from his teamates.

Bobby has also turned his love of comics into a growing career as a commercial artist and writter. He has kept juggling an ever growing fan favorite comic Ninja-Man, traveling the comic book convention circuit and making guest appearances. Alltough having his schedule become more hectic of late he still finds time to fight crime, take on cosmic adventures, and do monitor duty at the Crusaders Citadel homebase.

Powers and Abilities

Blizzard is a mutant who can create large amounts of ice and emit intense cold from his body. He can also has other genitic characteristics and can create vibratory waves that allow him to phase through solids or shatter them. One tactic he is particularly fond of involves laying down a sheet of ice under his opponents, then using a vibration wave to knock them down and send them sliding all over the place. He can also makes slides on the ground to slide him along and uses this as a mode of transportation.

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