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Note: Blitzkrieg is not to be confused with Baroness Blitzkrieg, although they wear similar colors.


Amanda, Blitzkrieg and Catwoman

Blitzkrieg is a DC villainess created by Will Pfeifer and David Lopez. Her method of attack comes from a pair of expensive gloves, that she bought from a crazy all-female terrorist cell, which project explosive flame blasts from her fingertips.

Blitzkrieg's first appearance is in Catwoman #66 where she kidnaps, binds and gags a young girl named Amanda and gloatingly explains over a live web-stream that she plans to execute her; proclaiming that she is the "newest, baddest, latest, greatest villain in Gotham". Holly Robinson (as Catwoman) manages to infiltrate her hideout and, after a brief scuffle, knocks Blitzkrieg out before she is able to harm the child. The villainess

Blitzkrieg's brief return

regains consciousness shortly after, but is quickly incapacitated once again by Detective Lenahan.

Blitzkrieg has a smaller role in Catwoman #67, appearing briefly where Selina Kyle (as Catwoman) swipes her gloves in order to defend herself against Sickle and Hammer.

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