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Speaking to an earthling
Blip was an alien composed of electrical energy that came to Earth to replenish his strength after he was trapped in space time warp. Blip had used all his strength and energy to escape and headed to Earth to recharge his electric vitality. Blip hid inside these underground caves near a city called Oakville where he was draining the electricity to recharge himself. A local was investigating with an electrometer and found an electric current inside the caves where he discovered the Blip. The alien meant no harm and informed the Earthling the reason he was there. Several residents of Oakville decided to investigate the electrical problem and armed themselves with rifles and a dynamo to reclaim their electric currents. The locals find Blip and starts to attack the alien. His human friend tries to stop the locals and informs them that the alien comes in peace. The residents call him a traitor and begin to beat Blip's human friend. Blip became enraged and saved the earthman. Blip used the dynamo to fully recharge himself and tells the earthlings that this planet was full of savages that still tolerates violence and physical injury. Blip could have taught the earthlings all his secrets but their ignorance drove him away.


Blip was created by Dick Ayers and Jack Kirby in 1961 and first appeared in Tales To Astonish # 15.   

Story Arcs

Versus the Hulk

 Blip vs the Hulk.
Xemnu the Titan learned that Earth was visited by several alien beings that possessed various powers and abilities but the United States Government wanted to keep the existence of extra-terrestrial visitors top secret. Xemnu was able to make duplicates of some of these powerful creatures that included Blip,  Taboo, Groot Diablo and  Goom where they were contained in gamma teleporters. Xemnu would unleash these deadly beings on one of his oldest foes, the  Hulk. Blip attacks the Hulk after his battle with Goom and the green giant confuses the electrical creature as Zzzax. Blip attempts to electrocute the Hulk with over a million volts of electricity but the gamma giant perseveres through the assault. Hulk becomes enrages and lifts Blip off his feet. The Hulk throws Blip into a set of power lines near the Kiantares Dam and shorts him out.    

Powers & Abilities

Blip was an alien composed of electrical energy that possessed superhuman strength, durability and resistance to injury. Blip could drain electricity from various equipment and areas that ran an electric current to replenish his strength and vitality. Blip was also capable of flight.

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