Blink and Mimic 616

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Now that they've both come to work at Wolverines School under different circumstances, does anyone think that these two will met and become and item like their counterparts on the exiles. I know they're completely different people from their alternate selves but his appearance in Legacy he suggests that he may be becoming more like the Calvin Rankin fro earth 12. I hope so because i liked those two.

#2 Posted by Soulstealer (828 posts) - - Show Bio

Actually I'd hope that doesn't happen. If it was handled well I wouldn't fight it, but I'd rather not try to force them together in 616 just for Exiles nostalgia.

#3 Posted by lantern8685 (20 posts) - - Show Bio

what about a mainstream version of the exiles? blink and mimic and some others who have a dark past trying to redeem themselves?

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