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Okay, is anyone else wondering whats happening with the Age of Apocalypse Blink? She was in Exiles until that came to an end, with her saying that she and AOA Sabretooth are stuck working there until they fix that problem they where having. Now, Sabretooth seems to be back in the Age of Apocalypse universe, since he is one of the main characters of the upcoming AOA ongoing series. So, does that mean they found the answer and he and Blink are back home, will she be in the AOA ongoing? Anyone have any idea where my beloved AOA Blink has gone or if we'll ever see her again?

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They just brought 616 Blink back 'by fan demand' (even though it was AoA we were demanding...), so I highly doubt that they're going to reintroduce AoA again anytime soon :(

It's sad, because any book she's in is a guaranteed buy from me.

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@The Dark Huntress said:

It's sad, because any book she's in is a guaranteed buy from me.

Same, sincerely. \:

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I've bought the New Mutants with Blink and I'm hoping for the best, I just hope AOA Blink dosn't vanish

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I understand 616 Blink is siding with Wolverine in the Schism, does that mean she's going to start popping up in Legacy or Wolv & X-Men issues? I still want to know whats happening to AOA Blink, I loved her, my favorite AOA character, but I guess more Exiles books are unlikely.

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Exiles wasn't that great. AoA Blink was awesome before they took it too far.

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Exiles was great before Chris Claremont took over. AoA Blink was awesome


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