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Blink finds herself in the Negative Zone in the thick of a rebellion against Blastaar by Ahmyor.
Under pursuit from some of Blastaar's flying goons, Blink leads them into an ambush. Outnumbered Ahmyor and his band of rebels defeat Blastaar's troops and head for one of Blastaar's castles. The rebels storm the castle with Blink at the head of the line and force there way inside. Blink finds a number of young children chain in a darkened prison, which brings back floods of memories of Earth-295 - Illyana Rasputin, Sugar Man and the labour camps. She falls unconscious but is rescued by Ahmyor.
Days later, Blink and Ahymor are travelling along the River of Glass where just as Ahymor reveals his love for Blink, Blastaar's troops attack and capture them both. They awaken to find themselves tied to post on display for a raucous crow in what appears to be a gladitorial stadium. Blastaar gloats as he beats Blink and reveals the shocking truth about Ahymor - he is in fact the demon Annihilus.

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