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While Rogue, Morph and Blink are on orders to evacuate a group of fleeing humans, Blink disobeys Rogue's command and finds herself in a laboratory where an apparent experiment has been conducted on an alien like creature.

Dark Beast, over vid-screen, explains that he has been experimenting on the captive ambassador of the planet Poppup, who incurred the wrath of Apocalypse.

One week later, Magneto calls Blink to a private meeting concerning her recent lack of obedience and concentration in the field. The two argue and fight, resulting in Magneto giving Blink an ultimatum - step in line with his orders or leave the team. Angry and still unable to follow orders, Blink unilaterlly takes it upon herself to visit Manhatten Island, the stronghold of Apocalypse, and dish out her own justice. What she finds instead is a fight between

Holocaust and several underlings of Blastaar. It seems that Blastaar had arranged for his soldiers to travel from the Negative Zone to Earth-295 and offer his allegiance to Apocalypse, to which Holocaust refuses. Blink, in the ensuing fight, gets thrown through the portal to the Negative Zone.

A strange man towers over her pointing a gun to her head, Blink has lost her memory.

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