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Richard Kemp worked for Orion Sector and was on a stake-out when he was caught and forced to be a guinea pig on a device called the Medusa Helmet. The helmet had been made for the criminal Ronald Quinn who had just tested the helmet on the first person with disastrous results. Quinn shot the helmet's creator and put the helmet on Richard. The helmet did something to Richard and he passed out. When he woke up he found out that he had been framed for the murder of the helmet's creator. Just before being attacked he found out that something had happened to his sight. He could see through things and had night vision. In the following attack he found out that he had enhanced reflexes and invulnerability.

Blindside Tech

Having gotten away, he looked up an old acquaintance, Dietrich who had worked at Orion Sector, who supplied him with a suit and various tools.

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