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Deadpool was hired to kill her but kidnapped her instead, which actually ensured her survival. He kept her prisoner and used her as a kind of mother figure. They also relentlessly (and mercilessly) played practical jokes on each other.

Althea is a former operative for British Intelligence although her exact abilities have not been covered in detail. She was at times hinted to be the same person as Black Widow and Golden Girl but both origins were dismissed as red herrings. She has been revealed however to have dated Captain America in the 1940s. She is old but her exact age has been in question. She has claimed wearing flapper dresses in the 1920s.

Al is short for Alfred which is a name she prefers to be called.

Recently Blind Al teamed up with Weasel, Macho Gomez, Taskmaster, Big Bertha, and Sluggo to take revenge on Deadpool for being a lousy friend. Blind Al shot at Deadpool by tying a string from her gun to Deuce the Devil Dog, who would aim it for her by pulling in the direction of the target.

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