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Major Story Arcs

Legion of the Damned

Initially introduced in the Legion of Super-Heroes by the forerunner Atrophos, the Blight are an alien race that requires the life energies of other species in order to perpetuate itself. They are an unstoppable engine of domination, constantly able to generate new members of their species through a form of mind control. The Blight nearly conquered and laid waste to the entire Earth and several surrounding planets as well, if not for the unrelenting resistance of the Legion.

Red Hood and the Outlaws

The Blight are reintroduced in the New 52 attacking the planet Tamaran. Some of their conversation suggests that they show the royalty of planets they conquer some respect, though this does not extend beyond simple pleasantries as they simply see them as a means to prolong their survival. They use the warm bodies of planets that they take over as incubators for their unborn.

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