Remember that time she was blue?

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It appears that ever so slowly Bleez has been turning white. AND I HATE IT! First it was in New Guardians and now in the main Red Lanterns title. She looks lame white. Blue or GTFO. All I gotta say. I sent DC a message hopefully they will hear my cry.

"Bleez has been blue since we first saw her back in Final Crisis: Rage of the Red Lanterns. With the New 52, we have been lucky enough to get four Lantern books a month. Yet one thing has always irked me: Bleez's appearance in the New Guardians. Her skin color is white. I found this troublesome continuity wise and overlooked it due to her still being blue in the Red Lanterns title. With issues #7 and #8 Bleez has become white within the Red Lanterns title. No reason given other than maybe the colorist or some Power That Be wanted it that way. All I ask is that Bleez can simply return to being blue."

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I think its to represent that's she has become sane. She is no more a raging monster I guess

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Die Whitey Die!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol I'm sorry, I couldn't resist.

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@kitsokk: There's a part of me that wants to accept that it is some symbolism but too much of me says f*ck that. Like if they turned Guy Gardner blue I'd be pissed.

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I prefer her to be blue.

And for Ed Benes to always draw her.

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You know ancient Egyptian artifacts have the same problem............

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@jrock85 said:

And for Ed Benes to always draw her.


And I don't mind her skin a lighter blue. Not crazy about when it starts looking yellow though.

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@blur1528: You're right! I like her better in blue anyway!

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@BlackArmor: The joke/reference is lost on me lol

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