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The third issue of Red Lanterns produced a relative rarity in comics. Anyone following the series or even a lot of those who don't should have been able to guess at who Atrocitus would choose to give clarity through their rage, as Bleez was heavily alluded to and is on numerous upcoming covers. The basic summary of the plot (don't read on if you are going to read it still) is that Atrocitus frees Bleez and then they go to hunt some people for her revenge which with her new clarity of mind makes it possible. By the end of the issue though Atrocitus begins to wonder if her will power was overpowering her rage already and made it necessary for Atrocitus to free someone from the control of the red power ring as she was making the Corps to hard to manage alone. This is of course still unresolved, but it does raise an interesting concept - that of female leadership in comic books. It is not unheard of that women lead superhero teams, both Wonder Woman and Black Canary have led the Justice League for instance. Generally speaking though the leaders are the most powerful members or the most competent leaders and also generally male. In this case though there is a female, not really any more powerful than any other corps member that is potentially trying to usurp leadership. In terms of usurping leadership, it is a lot more common among groups of supervillains, but still the concept of a female actively seeking leadership is quite interesting to me.

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I think it would be cool for bleez to lead the red lantern corps.

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I love Bleez.

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@jrock85: She is a favourite of mine as well
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@RazzaTazz: Looks like she'll be squaring off against Fatality in July.

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@jrock85: Should be interesting
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@RazzaTazz: I wonder how this will affect their "partnership" in New Guardians.

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I'm terrified that with Atrocitus taking her place in New Guardians, she will get less and less screentime. Making her the leader of the Red Lanterns, however, would solve that issue (and also fill me with enormous glee).

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@Joygirl: Sadly I don't think it is meant to be.

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@RazzaTazz: That's a damn shame. Hopefully something happens with her at least -- maybe her own title?

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@Joygirl: the thing I don't get is why have that new cosmic series feature a bunch of dud characters (space cabbie) when there are so many compelling characters that are under utilized.

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For sure. There are a lot of amazing characters that are getting no respect, or a little token appearance in someone else's title.

Or just outright bastardized by DC, but that is a different story.

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@Joygirl: they would have to bastardize space cabbie to make him interesting. I have about 90% of his appearances and they mostly all suck

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Hah! I'll remember to avoid him then. The name alone is fairly snoozetastic, really.

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