I asked a guestion, from Bleez.

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ME:Hello Bleez! I have a guestion for you.

BLEEZ: Okay, ask it. But do so quickly. I have to battle Atrocitus.

ME: Okay. Why do you pose that way? Is your spine so different from us humans, that you can bend like that (a speculation made by Caleb Mocozzo, from "Everyday is like wednesday), or is there another reason?

BLEEZ: You know, it would be cool if our species would have a spine like that, but the answer is no. It`s not the answer. It`s because every time I do this pose in a cover, I get 150 dollars from DC.

ME: That`s the reason?


ME: Well, thank you for your time, Bleez.

So, there you have it folks. That`s probably the reason why anyone who do brokeback poses, is precisely that. Now, I have to go to hospital, because Bleez accidently vomited at me, and if I don`t get a proper...treat...treatment...I...willlll...dieeee...

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ffffff--- Dat ass.
Sorry you were saying something?

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complain all you want but Ed Benes' art is the SH!T!!!

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@danhimself said:

complain all you want but Ed Benes' art is the SH!T!!!


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@ComicMan24 said:

@danhimself said:

complain all you want but Ed Benes' art is the SH!T!!!


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I wasn`t complaining, actually. I just asked a guestion from Bleez, that`s all.

Yes, I am crazy.

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@kfhrfdu_89_76k: Lol, who isn't crazy?

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Bleez is often depicted in odd poses and stances, many very relative to typical zombies, and also to persons in real life contorted in the extremes by pain and madness level rage/psychosis. Emerald Knights did a fantastic job of showing both her marionette like body language as well as her unusual creeping positions in local spaces in both the positions used and the offset of putting her with the well adjusted Green Lantern, being Guy, Arisia and Kilowog in that case who stood in more upfront positions within the scenes, Bleez usually scowling around filled with frustration and sensitivity burn somewhere behind them, This is intentional artist representation to illustrate her extreme inner turmoil outright, and mirror that against the stride filled person she once was. Noting the bent spine here is somewhat silly when you actually take the time to notice she has bone wings attached to her broken physique. The only real flaw here, one often made with her is that she is supposed to be extremely underweight, malnourished to the point of appearing as a corpse would, or as Guy put it " boney ", whereas here she has a bit to much girth on her, particularly in the thighs and buttocks. I believe the grasping terms of vision and to light the imagination with Bleez are contortionist, undead, vampire, and broken doll, all too get a grasp of the character and what drives her.God I really love Bleez so much. ^_^

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Hmmh. More to know.

To be honest, I just wanted to write a blog like this, `cause I thought that it would be a nice joke. I didn`t intentionally try to anger or irritate anyone.

I WAS wondering what those bone things are. Yes, you read correctly. I didn`t think that they would be wings. Probably because I didn`t know that she has wings.

It`s good that you do. Every hero (and every great villain, also) deserves fans. = )


Exactly! I mean, I`ve said it to so many, but it seems to be difficult for them to understand that everyone is crazy!

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Now I imagine a parody of rage-filled comic characters in a Family Guy-esque cutaway gag:

We open in a room (like the ones they use for AA meetings). The characters featured at the meeting include Bleez, Bruce Banner, Homer Simpson, Joe Swanson, and a few other quick-tempered characters.

"My name is Bleez, and I....I have an anger problem."

"Hi, Bleez!"

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= )

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Oh of course. Not your fault. As you can see I can be incredibly uninformed as well I have major problems with spelling, so what I say can come off as childish babble at times, particularly when I'm blindly defending a comic character I like for no reason other than. I actually was just lost on the joke given the difference between human skeletal structures between women and men, particularly that of the spinal column and pelvis which allows women to achieve positions men cannot. Of course as you have a firm grasp of biology you can understand my confusion? Sorry to if my publishing my thoughts on a subject online inferred to you some sort of hostility? Like I said, I'm very bad at spelling and not the most educated of persons as you can tell, but thank you for not treating me like a puppy and poking fun at me in a tongue-in-cheek manner like many ten to.

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I don`t have that much knowledge of human/other beings bodies, to be truthful. But anyway, no hard feelings.

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I'm glad her spine allows her to do those poses. =P

Ed Benes FTW.

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@TheCrowbar said:

ffffff--- Dat ass. Sorry you were saying something?


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Now I absolutely must read Emerald Warriors. :O Never noticed all of the symbolism behind her weird poses but I suppose it makes sense. And yes, a +1 catcall for Ed Benes and Dat Ass.

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I read a review of one of the trades, and I also think that you should read it.

I should read it too. But, I`ve already got other things to buy.

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Bleez is so hot. Half the reason I read New Guardians.

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Sex sells comics...

What about her other characteristics, then?

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@kfhrfdu_89_76k: What about them? She's a cool character? In blue beetle when he yelled that he wasn't aroused while she was startling him she got all embarrassed, and then mad. It was so adorable! I wanna see more of that side of Bleez.

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I wanted to know if anything else interests you about her. I guess it`s a needless question, but I just wanted to know.

Also, don`t reply to the writer of a blog post, if you write to a blog posts comment section. The writer gets duplicate messages.

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@kfhrfdu_89_76k: Well beside finding her hot she has a very cool character design.(I REALLY want to see her without the mask) I also don't usually like red lanterns because they all seem dumb, but she actually seems smart. Idk I just like female characters with attitudes :P

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Who wouldn`t?

Maybe chauvinists.

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