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During an alien invasion of Earth, Dominator scientists kidnapped 50 humans and forced them to walk through a minefield. The humans that survived did so by manifesting latent metagene powers. Upon their escape from the Dominator prison, they formed a wandering super-team called the Blasters. The group added a Dominator scientist to its roster and cruised the spaceways piloted by the attractively feline humanoid alien Churljenkins.

On one mission, they smashed a plot by a criminal organisation named the Spider-Guild to sell black-market weapons on Earth. After a near fatal attempt to spring the hero Valor from prison, the Blasters disbanded. Snapper Carr suffered horrors of his own, being seized by Khund thugs who cut off his hands, robbing him of the ability to teleport. Though Snapper's hands have since been restored, no one knows if he will ever be able to track down his former team members and reform the Blasters.

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