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Jahr Leroy Drake Ningle was passed over for Legion Membership during one of their larger recruitment drives, spurred by the loss of half their teammates in the timestream. Jahr was amongst several rejectees that were soon afterward recruited by Leland McCauley into his personal security team, the Workforce. The next time Jahr was seen, he went against Leland's orders and joined a group of superpowered teens banding together to combat the recently awakened sorcerer, Mordru the Merciless.

Jahr was an amiable person, and seemed to get on well with the assembled heroes, particularly the second Kid Quantum. He tried very hard to carry his weight during the battle, though his abilities didn't save him from Mordru's awesome power, and he was thought vaporized in one of the powerful magic user's attacks.

This, however, was not the end of Blast-Offs' story. Months later, it was discovered that Jahrs' energies had bonded with the energies of Atom'X, another of victim of the battle with Mordru. Unstable and confused, the combined energies were a danger to those around him. With the help of Umbra and Element Lad, the two souls found a shaky peace occupying the same place. They became he, and decided to combine their names, in a showing of solidarity; the entity called itself Drake Burroughs.

This entity would be better known as ERG-1, and then later as Wildfire.

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