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Long forgotten monster living at the bottom of the New Amsterdam River. It's whereabouts seem to have been kept secret by the Wizard.


Written by Matt Fraction and drawn by Mike Allred.

Major Story Arcs

Blarrgh lives peacefully in his watery home until called upon by Bentley 23. Blarrgh rises from the bottom of the river with no idea as to why he is summoned. (It is to break up a date between She-Hulk and Wyatt Wingfoot.) The river is frozen, however, and Blarrgh hits his head on the surface ice. He returns to his home with a bruised head. Bentley 23 then finds the note his father made about the creature, which says: "However, Blarrgh the Unliving is, for all his size and potential, surprisingly weak and rather stupid. Entirely inappropriate for any malicious or destructive intents."

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