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Cibo's body dies in the battle between the Electrofishers and the Safeguard. Killy siphons power from a dead Exterminator to unlock the limiter on his Graviton Beam Emitter. He destroys the Great Cyst Safeguard and most of the surrounding area. Killy and Cibo, transplanted into Sana-kan's body are the only living beings. Cibo believes information about Net Terminal Genes are in a correctly-functioning AI somewhere close.

Back Blurb

When Cibo's body dies during the battle between the Electrofishers and the Safeguard, her consciousness is teleported to a Backup Cyberspace, where she overloads the program the Safeguard is using to control its troops. But this won't stave off the troops for long. And unless Killy figures out a way to unlock the limiter on his Gravitor Beam Emitter, the guest for the Net Terminal Genes might come to a crashing end!

Chapter Titles

  • LOG - 19: Backup Cyberspace
  • LOG - 20: Limiter Release
  • LOG - 21: Hybrid
  • LOG - 22: Toha Heavy Industries
  • LOG - 23: Electroknight
  • LOG - 24: The Eight Cave







Story Arcs

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