Snipes Wants to be Blade Again

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Snipes just might be sharpening a fourth stake for those bloodsuckers.

 I never saw this promo pic before, but it's a 100%, Grade A-certified BAD ASS.

During a press junket for his new movie BROOKLYN’S FINEST, the Daywalker told Joblo that “there has been some talk about a BLADE 4 and that he would be interested it the script was right.”

 Bullet time!

The journey from talk & interest to execution & release is a long, twisted path filled with deceptive switchback turns, inescapable sand traps and poisonous brier patches - - but I still can’t help getting excited about this. I’m a big fan of Snipes’ - - he brings an uncommon intensity to his roles and I think he’s one of the few actors who can pull off wacky comedies, badass actioners and “down to Earth” dramas with equal credibility.  

It’s been too long since we’ve gotten to see Snipes wreck a gang of bad guys with some truly viscous martial arts moves (remember when he breaks Nomak's arm? OUCH!). Among other feelings I walked out of BLADE: TRINITY with was the disappointment that we might never get to see Snipes at form anymore. Well, never say never, especially in the entertainment biz...

 What TRINITY could have been?

The funny thing is, I feel like we got something close to a fourth BLADE movie last month with DAYBREAKERS. Anyone who was following the development of BLADE 3 before it was coming out will remember that the original premise was supposed to take a page from DARK KNIGHT RETURNS. It was going to be set in the future, after the vampire nation had finally taken over all of the world. Ageless because of his Dampyric-nature, Blade was going to literally be the last man resisting them.

After quite a bit of development, we eventually got BLADE: TRINTY, which I wasn’t feeling when I saw, especially in comparison to the original premise. So it was fun to see that concept realized - - at least partially - - in DAYBREAKERS. Although, I'll also say that there's probably a good drinking game somewhere for every time the words "blood" and "vampire" are uttered. The characters say them in almost every conversation, without synonyms!
How about you, oh bloodlusting Comic Vine community? Do you want Snipes back, too? Do you want a BLADE IV set in the future?

-- Tom Pinchuk is the writer of UNIMAGINABLE for Arcana Comics and HYBRID BASTARDS! for Archaia Comics.   Watch out for the HYBRID BASTARDS! hardcover collection this March - - available for pre-order now on

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I all for this.  Even though Blade 3 was meehhhhh.  Plus Snipes needs some loot, lets hope he pays his taxes this time.   
Poor Wesley, the IRS is the ultimate predator, you can't escape them.

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Snipes was awesome as Bladeee. (:

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i wouldve like blade 3 better if the nightstalkers had been closer to the comic version but i liked parts of the movie

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I wouldn't even mind having a Blade re-boot.....but Snipes realy fits the Blade. So a badass fourth movie would be even better.
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I also am fond of Snipes.  Even as over the top as the movie Demolition Man was, the most memorable thing was Snipes (and yes, I DO have love for Sly too).  He excels at action movies, and gives the right edge--pun intended--to his roles when he's required to emote.  Also, he spouts minimal dialogue and offers a lot more action in his movies which I admit I like.   
Having Snipes back for a Blade 4, heck, yeah, I'd see it.   Is Snipes still in the hoosegow? 
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naw no reboot man snipes is class as blade a perfect fit def love to see blade 4 movie the 3rd movie was abit of a car crash but another blade movie is sumthin i would love to see i like the future blade idea be kewl if was like blade 2099  dats a bad ass look
#7 Posted by Nyogtha (353 posts) - - Show Bio

I'd love it if they brought in Morbius or the Midnight Sons. I thought the movies were awesome, hell yes to a 4!

#8 Posted by noname2062 (51 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm definitely down for a Wesley Snipes-led Blade 4 fo sho!!!

#9 Posted by Crom-Cruach (8876 posts) - - Show Bio

The best thing for me would be a reboot with Snipes returning as  Blade anf the plot/universe being much closer to the marvel comics...
#10 Posted by They Killed Cap! (2235 posts) - - Show Bio

Please no more blade...first one was good...the rest were horrible.
#11 Posted by Moomin123 (2205 posts) - - Show Bio

Wesley Snipes has been great as Blade so far, I'm not suprised he wants to return.
#12 Posted by Lustwish (531 posts) - - Show Bio

Sure sounds good on the menu, just as long as they don't burn it like they did Trinity.  I'm all for Jessica Biel any day, but gotta have a good script.

#13 Posted by xerox_kitty (15762 posts) - - Show Bio

Sounds like Snipes wants to build that loft conversion & desperately needs cash :p

#14 Posted by EdwardWindsor (14346 posts) - - Show Bio

i like blade , i like snipes as blade if its a good scrip sure mke another lol 
(Ageless because of his Dampyric-nature) ment to say vampyric  surely 

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In Blade 3 didn't they destory all vampires so would they be hybrids. The last moments of Blade 3, there was a vampire/werewolf combo.
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YES.  He should fight Morbius and Deacon Frost seeing that he always came back in the comics and was something of a scientist himself.   Hell maybe Werewolf by Night.
As for side kicks Hannibal has to be redone in his vamp form which rocked and the real Frank Drake.  NIGht Stalkers BABY!!!.  Plus maybe throw Anita Blake in there.  
Story could have Blade working as an assassin for hire in the beginning since the events of 3 with no vamps.  But it turns out the daystar virus does not work and vamps come back including Hannibal King back to his old self and a clone of Deacon Frost taking advantage of the moment.  Not only does he want the vamps the rule but also wants to make them more powerful so he goes on a hunt for a very powerful psedo-vampire who is also an old enemy of Blade's past, Morbius.   Now teamed up with the Nightstalkers again and bumping into another vampire slayer Anita blake.  They must stop Frost's plan by finding Morbius but also making sure the Morbius doesn't kill them.
Get good writers and cast a must!!!!

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#18 Posted by DeathDefyingDevil (722 posts) - - Show Bio
@Tom Pinchuk:
#19 Posted by No_name_here (330 posts) - - Show Bio
@lazystudent: In folklore, a dhampir is the spawn of a vampire and a human.
#20 Posted by No_name_here (330 posts) - - Show Bio
@Decept-O: Snipes as Simon Phoenix was great. "You know who you remind me of? An evil Mr. Rogers!"
#21 Posted by Lord's Angel (1093 posts) - - Show Bio

Snipes can't do anything else .....of course he wants to be Blade.

#22 Posted by ElectricPrune (4 posts) - - Show Bio

A call for yet another dystopian future movie with the last man standing? Gee, how fresh and new.
Terrrrrible idea.

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#24 Posted by Alexander Arkady (250 posts) - - Show Bio

I remember the first rumors of Blade Three and loved the idea but Trinity was not worth the money i had spent. I would LOVE a fourth installment but only if they took the storyline they were originally going to use for Blade 3

#25 Posted by King Saturn (225704 posts) - - Show Bio
I think this could actually be pretty cool...
#26 Posted by DoomDoomDoom (4211 posts) - - Show Bio
@Lord's Angel: Agreed.
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I find the mere prospect of a "Blade 4" hilarious, considering the hissy fit Snipes threw after Blade:Trinity, and the fact that the appeal of his conviction is still being considered.

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Snipes wants to be Blade again?
Well, I want to be 18 again - we'll see which happens first.
He was pretty awesome in the first 2 movies - they totally rocked.
The third one was just OK.
Wonder what the fourth one would be like?
Maybe he could do a crossover movie and fight the Cullens, ha ha.
They could call it "Twilight Blade".

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@Tom Pinchuk:  thanks for the info man excuse my ignorence
#30 Posted by NightFang (10382 posts) - - Show Bio

What I won't to know is "WHO'S BIADE GONNA FIGHT NEXT"!

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i'm all for another blade movie, but i was also hoping to see a nightstalkers movie also. maybe they can all be in another movie together again, but with ryan reynalds currently working on green lantern and that other movie about the imaginary superhero, i don't think he will be in it

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Snipes is Blade!

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If they do they better hurry up, Snipes is getting too old.

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