Guess who's Back....

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Blade is going to appear in the CAPTAIN BRITIAN AND MI:13 #5 issue , so blade fans, be prepared , he's back

#2 Posted by King Saturn (225704 posts) - - Show Bio
Blade is back  ?


#3 Posted by Buckshot (18710 posts) - - Show Bio
#4 Posted by The_Real_Slim_Shady (4 posts) - - Show Bio

for a second I actually thought this was my official thread...

#5 Posted by King Saturn (225704 posts) - - Show Bio
Buckshot said:
Whoa. Very Nice... it looks Promising. I have to agree with G-Man though... I dont really like Blade's new haircut

#6 Posted by Adam Warlock (723 posts) - - Show Bio

LOL i just read the issue... Blade somehow lives up to his Bad-ass'ness lol

#7 Posted by fesak (7007 posts) - - Show Bio
Moderator Online
#8 Posted by Adam Warlock (723 posts) - - Show Bio

DAMMIT lol then lock this, just didnt think that something marvel emailed just yesterday would been made june 2nd lol

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