Good Blade graphic novels?

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I like the trilogy (number three was not that good, but still) but have never seen any good Blade comics, any suggestions?

Thanks !!

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Anyone out there??

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@FiguredOut95 said:

Anyone out there??

Some of the stuff he did in MI 13 was cool

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His early appearances were fairly cheesy ('94), and the later series were fairly bland. The Blade MAX series had some fantastic cover art though, so there is that I guess. NightStalker series is probably the best out of his bunch if you're determined to read something. We need more green glasses Blade though. :P

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The Tomb of Dracula mini in 2004 was good. His One-shot in 2010 during the curse of mutants gave great insight into how he operates these days. His Max series in 2002 was pretty interesting although Blade was written a lot weaker than his current incarnation. Definitely check out some of the big Midnight Sons crossovers such as Midnight Massacre and Siege of Darkness. His first series was decent too, although he is written as a human.

His anime series was relatively amusing as well.

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