Best Comic Book Movie trilogy

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With the opening of Iron Man 3 we now several Comic book movie trilogies:

1. Iron Man trilogy

2. Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy

3. Spiderman trilogy

4. Transformers trilogy

5. Blade trilogy

Which one do you think is the best and why? I have yet to see Iron Man 3, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, or the Blade Trilogy so I'm going to have to go with the Batman trilogy. Overall it had a great story, great actors for the role, and also the villains are waaay better than the Iron Man or Spiderman trilogy.

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wow this is a great question. if i had to choose one I'm probably going to go with Blade slightly edging out (pun acknowledged but not intended) Iron Man. I'm not a huge fan of the nolan batman trilogy with Batman Begins being my favorite of the three.. I own all three Raimi directed Spiderman movies as well as Amazing Spiderman and i enjoy them but some days they run a bit longer than I'd like. I wont even go into my thoughts on Transformers.

Iron Man had great special effects which I enjoy and i think probably one of the best if not the best casting choices of any comic movie in Robert Downey Jr. The stories were solid, but the villains to me were duds. Love Jeff Bridges and he did a fine job but him as a physical villain didnt do it for me. I know he had a suit on but still. Mickey rourke is fine too but the silly hair and tattoos seemed like a poor attempt to make a boring character appear badass. On top of that he had a damn suit on too but he had electrical whips. That was pretty lazy in my opinion. Don Cheadle as War Machine was cool, Gwyneth Paltrow played her role well and Sam Rockwell delivered an entertaining performance. All in all I could watch these movies everyday. I haven't seen Iron Man 3 but for the first two movies to nearly take Blade out says a lot of my opinion of them.

Ive always been drawn to the character Blade from the very first time i saw him. To me the first movie is a classic. Like any movie, it has flaws and I'll be the first to admit that. But it really shines with a perfect casting choice in Wesley Snipes. He brings an attitude to the character that has only been matched by imo RDJ. the action is top notch, the story is decent, the characters are entertaining as hell and the effects for the time are pretty damn impressive. The first ten minutes of Blade alone may be the best of any movie I have ever seen. And i have seen quite a few movies in my lifetime. It honestly probably sets the bar too high for the rest of the film to match lol. Blade 2 is sort of its own beast. It has that distinct Guillermo Del Toro quality to it in some good ways and bad ways. At times I feel like Im watching Hellboy but he has been switched with Blade. The production design is superb and the effects are to die for. Add in the creepiness of the reapers and some more action its a worthy sequel to the first film. Blade Trinity is where things went bad. It doesnt seem so bad until u compare it to the first 2 films. Im not going to rant but Blade deserves a better film than that....Anyway those are my thoughts

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